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Vodun Jazzoetry – Ezili Dantò in Red, Black & Moonlight

In the bi-partisan war against Haiti, Obama is General LaPlume the Black general who fought to keep slavery

Our bodies are commodities in the commodity culture

Zili Dlo: Clean Water and Solar Power For All


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Gold Rush in Haiti: Mining Investment Good for Whom?

Gold Rush in Haiti: Mining Investment Good for Whom?

by Ezili Dantò Gold Rush in Haiti: Good for whom? (See also Haiti’s Riches and December 21, 2012 update: Haiti Awards Gold, Copper Mining Permits ) ******************* Haiti ‘s water supply is ALREADY contaminated by foreign cholera feces, what will leaking cyanide, arsenic emissions, mine waste, Marine ecosystem destruction and open pit mining and unsupervised […]

CrossTalk on Haiti: Failed aid

Disaster Capitalism in Haiti, New Orleans, Congo & Pakistan

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Clean Water for All

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