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Vodun Jazzoetry – Ezili Dantò in Red, Black & Moonlight

In the bi-partisan war against Haiti, Obama is General LaPlume the Black general who fought to keep slavery

Our bodies are commodities in the commodity culture

Zili Dlo: Clean Water and Solar Power For All


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Ayiti ReMEMBERing Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan

Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan African Historian, Egyptologist, Master teacher

“Dr. Ben shifted the paradigm back to Africa and declared once and for all that the origin of Ancient Egyptian history lies in the deep south, and that is in and of Africa, namely in Nubia and Ethiopia. He, together with John Henry Clarke and Cheikh Anta Diop shattered the long-held myth of the Egyptologists, […]

Foreign Aid is meant to cripple people

Quiet Genocide: The Aid Racket in Haiti

Ayisyen ki gen “Blan pa yo” ki pral mete yo sou pouvwa lan fo eleksyon geyen pou yo gade video sa yo. Se yon ti mesaj HLLN voye pou tout Ayisyen yo kap pede mache di yo pwal lan eleksyon paske yo gen “bon jan Blan” deyè yo. Presidan Eritrea a di, nou pakapab manje […]

No, Hillary: Haiti is not for sale to your family

Hillary, Haiti is not for sale to your family!

1. KOMOKODA Press Conference against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and to demand her prosecution, March 31, 2015,  2. Apology not accepted by Ezili Dantò 3. HLLN Statement Regarding the Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails: The US Undeclared War in Haiti hidden behind UN mercenary guns and NGO false benevolence by Ezili Dantò Press Conference: Committee to Mobilize […]

Mexico joins US Fiscal Paradise called Haiti, NYT Ignores U.S. imperialism

Poor Feed Rich

Haiti is a fiscal paradise for the United States. Mexico is joining in. The New York Times recently wrote about US imperialism and bullying in Haiti without ever mentioning it.

CrossTalk on Haiti: Failed aid

Disaster Capitalism in Haiti, New Orleans, Congo & Pakistan

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Clean Water for All

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