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In the bi-partisan war against Haiti, Obama is General LaPlume the Black general who fought to keep slavery

Our bodies are commodities in the commodity culture

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Monthly archives for August, 2012

Basic Haiti rights repealed

Basic Haiti rights repealed

by Ezili Dantò The forgotten and abandoned The MAAFA – Haiti holocaust continues, 2012 Basic Haiti rights repealed under newly amended Haiti Constitution, part 1 Article 297 of the 1987 Constitution that reinstated the basic human rights of Haiti masses is REPEALED by the combined efforts of the two Haiti governments (Preval and Martelly) under […]

Haiti: A look at Koralen’s Vyewo

Haiti: A look at Koralen’s Vyewo

by Ezili Dantò “Koralen’s Vyewo, expresses a soul grief so profound, it curves around, embraces and heals.” –Ezili Dantò of HLLN Vyewo, travay Koralen, sung by Emlin Michèl In this time where the US occupiers of Haiti are using earthquake donation monies to build factories for foreigners at the Caracol industrial park. In this time […]

US control of Haiti, other little republics’ UN vote not new

US control of Haiti, other little republics’ UN vote not new

by Ezili Dantò US control of Haiti and other little republics’ vote at the UN is not new I found an August 10, 2012 George Will opinion piece relevant to UN/US occupied Haiti today for reasons that would probably not occur to Mr. Will. The piece discusses and juxtaposes other US candidates’ “indelicate claims” to […]

CrossTalk on Haiti: Failed aid

Disaster Capitalism in Haiti, New Orleans, Congo & Pakistan

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