3 Responses to “Paul Farmer is not a God but the face of the UN/USAID/World Bank”

  1. marie nadine pierre says:

    Jah love sister Ezili.

    Thank you so much for your courage in taking on the big power brokers in the disaster that has become Ayiti. You pay homage to our beloved Emperor Jean Jacques Dsssalines so beautifully. We should all strive to know his words,his works and live by his oaths. I know that in the future I will and I will insist that my children do the same.
    A gazilliion thanks for all that you wrote. We have to make sure that our people know that no white man can ever be “god” to us. They are there to fix (however minimally or temporarily) the problems that their kinds created. And that requires commited and loving Haitian scientists from all fields.
    We espescially have to insist that commited Haitian anthropologists and social scientists are trained in the Dessalines tradition of “Inyon fe la fos”. Too often those of us who get a pass in that field back down or stand down from the path and as a result we get our people confused and calling folks like Paul Farmer “god”.
    His organization is another ne-liberal outfit there to complete a benign mission. Our mission is freedom with love.
    Jah bless.

  2. chuck mccune says:

    to those who would take offense at Dessalines’ Law.
    the difference is those who came in chains, and those who put the chains on those who came in chains. this is a haitian sovereignty issue, no outsider can own land in thailand and other nations either. nothing wrong with it. it prevents theft and extortion of resources. it is for haitians to decide, not outsiders.

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