One Response to “Stop the assault on the Haiti Diaspora”

  1. Dowoti Desir says:

    Were it not for Minister Edwin Parison, Haitians in the Diaspora outside of the Dominican Republic would not know we have a Minister or be aware of MHAVE. However now that our eyes are open and we see the great good that can come from the ministry we are not going to allow it to be incapacitated. No matter whom assumes the post, Haitians in the global community are eager to contribute more to the development of our homeland and need a representative to guide us in this era of urgency and change. Dual citizenship, enfranchisement and legislative representation of members of the Diaspora are critical to the economic growth and social development of our country. It is through this ministry that we can bolster the meaningful transformative changes sought in the country including leadership training, fostering innovation, reversing the brain drain and meaningfully enabling reconstruction efforts. We were founded as a nation of courageous, fair and forward thinking people. This is a move backwards. Shame on those who have proposed such a regressive plan. Forward ever! Backward never! Ago!

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