One Response to “Haiti: The Structural Difficulties of “Building Back Better””

  1. The Haitian Diaspora living abroad will have to emulate the same tactics of foreign oppressors in Haiti. And that is to pool our resources together, identify leaders in Haiti who are ready for martyrdom, assist them in every way possible in order for them to achieve the following goals:
    1) Ownership of relevant Haitian mainstream media as a counter punch to state sponsored propaganda and lies. (our biggest weapon)
    2) The creation of a Socialist Party with the primary goal of promoting socio-economic equality and HUMANISM.
    3) The Push for a Nationalist Movement that restores National Pride, Protectionism, and rejects Maladaptive Trade Policies and Rapacious Monetary Policies.
    4) Tighten Geo-Political ties with other countries with a more Progressive Agenda.
    5) If necessary, Spearhead a Geo-Political Alliance with these countries.
    6) Create a Private Militia to enforce ‘Natural’ Human rights (right to shelter, food, and security)
    7) Lastly if all else fails, Violent Resistance if necessary (by any means of “effective” resistance), the enemy is not bound by any rules, and so shouldn’t we.

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