2 Responses to “Betraying the Diaspora, taxing the poor”

  1. Padiowei Nemizigha says:

    Here in Harlem, where I live, there is an overabundance of this trinity: the church, the liquor store (holy ghost), and funeral home. Churches, Liquor stores and Funeral Parlors own Harlem. Harlem is home to this glut of trinity that clogs the eyes everywhere, a trinity whose overarch capitalizes its oligarchic letters through its capital-suck of the small letters – the poor. Capitalism is cannibalism, and it feeds the ascendance of its heaven-euphoria by “meeting the needs” of the poor. Astute at grabbing, It is just like an Obama, who, on his way to vacation in Hawaii, shouted euphorically to inquiring journalists that he was taking along with him a just published biography of the”great”reagan. Delusions of grandeur must be fed. The cholera in Haiti adds to an ever increasing need of the oligarchs to increase the demands of reliance and dependence of those under their leech-mausoleums. Nothing is fortuitous. The fight goes on; and Ezili,thanks for running with the ancestral flame, the baton.

  2. Clyde Cooper says:

    I think the biggest concern shouldn’t be the taxation of Diaspora’s transfers, but at what rate and what purpose? During his campaign, Martelly said that he’d rather see the Haitian people use their resources to rebuilt Haiti’s social programs instead of continuous dependency on international funds. He viewed foreign charity as a “backup” source.

    The Haitian Diaspora are already used to paying taxes in their adopted countries. So this shouldn’t be a much of a culture shock to them. Again, the questions should be the percentage rate taking and is it truly going toward its declared purpose?…

    Although, there’s the question of why don’t Haiti wealthy pay taxes? But then again, this questions can be asked regarding the wealthy in the United States, France, and other developed countries. It’s not just a Haitian problem. Should the Haitian masses allow the stinginess of a small minority to hinder what they may need to do in order to progress? The money taken from its Diaspora for social programs is one reason why Israel became a modern state. It might help to view the transfer tax has a form of “involuntary donation” than just other another financial burden.

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