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  1. Malik Al-Arkam says:

    Until we the 250 million Afrodescendants in the western hemisphere establish our Human Rights, secure Reparations and experience Ethnogenesis, we will remain completely victimized and pulverized.

  2. Jean Paul says:

    It would seem that you, and others, are resigned. Resigned to more years of oppression, suppression, and killing of the downtrodden poor. In a way, I am quite angry at Aristide. Perhaps I don’t know the whole background behind it all but I do think that Aristide should have come out in support of Ceant in the November 28th elections.
    My greatest criticism of Aristide is that he failed to make a coherent party of Fanmi Lavalas. A grassroots movement can only get you so far, especially if it is dependent on a single leader. A strong, well-organized party is the only way to blaze the trail towards a better future for the poor majority. Perhaps Martelly will overplay his hand and piss off the masses but I hope by then Lavalas can mature and emerge as a strong party organization with a coherent plan. They should take lessons from the ANC.

  3. Kerms says:

    I think we need to form what I will call a right before he takes office and before he starts any crasyness thing, to protect our values, our presidency, and our principles.. The media, intellectual, scholars .. every Haitian who concern to teach him the right way … he can learn it and do it well … I think that is the rationnal path we should take …We people who concern..

  4. Ezili Dantò says:

    @Jean Paul

    Seven (7) years ago, Ezili Dantò and the HLLNetwork took a public stand, following the Law of Desalin, for Haiti to be an independent Black nation, not colony.

    Seven (7)years ago, Ezili Dantò/HLLN took a stand against re-colonization of Haiti through occupation and a return to dictatorship under the guise of “elections”. We still stand for justice and Haiti self-determination and self-defense and sovereignty.

    We still stand and will not reconcile with injustice, re-enslavement and the return of the Duvalierist empire vampires. Seven (7) years ago, in “Dialogue Between two Haitians” ( http://bit.ly/ht0JJW ), I wrote:

    “With our souls and bare hands, wherever we are, Haitians will not let the old guard with the U.S. and Euros return us back to ground zero. It appears impossible to take on Goliath, but we shall step out and let our vision make a way. So, if you are not ready for the war that’s here EKL28, back off. But Haitians have got work to be…”

    No resignation here. Also, there’s no use railing against this newest disenfranchisement with the Martelly rigged (s)election, when we indigenous Haitians know that power in Haiti, is not solely in the institutionalized Western hierarchical system that the West defines at will and defends arbitrarily. Just as the informal economy invisible to the West in Haiti is discounted, so is Haiti’s indigenous, non-institutionalized, governance structure. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    After the earthquake (and, for that matter, since its beginning as a nation), there has always been an indigenous, community (lakou) form of Haiti governance at work outside of the almost non-existent Haiti formal government, a formal neocolonial governance that hardly ever gives priority to the needs of the masses. That Haiti governance has nothing to do with formal power but its indigenous power. It is Vodouist, old, African and the reason why, without formal governance, formal police everywhere, there’s no consistent full-blown breakdown of social order despite the misery imposed on Haiti. It is you and I and we more than10million descendants of Desalin and our connection to source, flow, discipline and connection and relationship to a humane and universal ideological support system and now, to friends worldwide. It is “people to people.” It is the Ezili Network and a hundred thousand others invisible to Officialdom’s NGOs and Phd experts and post-Breton Woods “leadership and governance theorists.” It is human relationships, human POSSIBILITIES, continually moving toward wholeness; HUMAN-NESS that is undeterred by the global corporatocracy’s insanity and inhumanity.

    This other power base in Haiti is animated beyond the formal presidency and NGO republic and international community that always gets press and constantly articulates the colonial narrative. It’s “effective, accountable and legitimate relational governance” in Haiti, but it has NEVER been acknowledged because of the colonial narrative that denies Haiti has its own internal authority, separate and apart, from the predatory state, the global corporatocracy, the NGO false benevolence and Haiti Oligarchy.

    But Ibo granmoun lakay Ibo – Haitians are their own authority. Ginen poze. It’s non-institutionalized in the Western sense and thus invisible to PHD governance theorists. Still “viv,” “lakou” and “konbit” exist. (See, Ibo Granmoun : The Roots of Haitian Democracy: http://bit.ly/hF9Uua and “Vodun Konbit and Vodun Lakou” – http://bit.ly/a6AWH8 )

    @Jean Paul, may I humbly reiterate, seven year on, in this moment still, we Haitians, we paradigm shifters, have got work to be. Thank you for your comment. Be well,

    Ezili Dantò of HLLN
    For some information on Haiti’s indigenous leadership structure that is invisible to the neocolonial mindset, the indigenous Haiti structure that authorizes ITSELF and gets power from source; for info on Haiti’s fundamental non-hierarchical, “informal” leadership or relationship governance that are self-managed Haiti teams that form, operate, dissolve and then re-form per the reality and relationships on the ground and to serve LIFE, not profit, go to Ezili Dantò’s Network on: “Vodun Konbit and Vodun Lakou” – http://bit.ly/a6AWH8 ; The Haitian union forged at Bwa Kayiman -has never wavered http://bit.ly/9uzMXS and Haitian Epistemology http://bit.ly/fBCE8B.

  5. Jean Paul says:

    Thank you so very much for clarifying what you meant.
    I suppose that we have to define further how to strengthen this lakou. It is obvious that nearly 80% of the people did not turn out for the sham (s)election and so there IS passive resistance. Besides, there is already the struggle to simply get fresh drinking water and food, a major task for millions, not to mention trying to stay alive amid the cholera-tainted filth and squalor of the semi-permanent temporary camps. Now, as before, the Haitian people are often being assaulted by NGOs with conditional handouts, i.e. they are being peddled Protestant Christian White man’s religion. While there is still resistance to this, some people are succumbing to this not so new barbarism and forsaking Vodun. Is there anything being done to counter this assault on the essence of Haiti? (handouts, “countermissionary effort”) It seems that it is an unequal fight between the 700 Club millions and the penury of the Vodun practioners. Also, apart from the struggle of daily survival, both physical and spiritual, there is also the assault on the Kreyòl language. There is propaganda bombarding the people saying the Kreyòl is bad French, it is just peasant talk, and that they should abandon it in favour of French, English, or even Spanish. I know that Kreyòl is alive and well for now but it needs help in the area of polishing it, equipping it with dictionaries, grammars, and vocabulary. Could you tell us what is being done in this area, if you can? I believe there are many fronts in the fight against colonialism and I have mentioned these two factors (strengthening Vodun and Kreyòl) now because no one else is talking about them. Living outside of Haiti makes it hard for many of us to know certain aspects of what is going in everything down there. Mèsi anpil.

  6. Corinna Lotz says:

    Please look at our site, as we have published Greg Grandin’s piece with links to Ezili’s article and other blogs about Haiti.

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