3 Responses to “The Historical Amnesia in the International Media about Haiti”

  1. Ezili Dantò says:

    In this “Historical Amnesia in the International Media about Haiti/Aristide myth” essay, Nick Stratton points out how the media’s – “illusory “history” of US-Haitian relations, provides a self-affirming, self-justifying, and self-begging rhetorical tool to only further validate US intervention in Haitian democracy—that is, obstruction and destruction thereof”. Reviewing the top 5 (WSJ, USA Today, NYT, LA Times and Wash. Post) media outlet’s coverage of Aristide – mostly before the March 18th return – he points out, most critically, that:

    “Moreover, the mass media’s normalization of the 1991 and 2004 coup d’états effectively dismisses these moments of intense political instability as effects of Haitian internal politics. By “forgetting” well-documented history of US involvement in both—the extent to which is beyond the scope of this article, this “journalism” constructs a dangerous and illusory precedent for US military intervention and external command and control. The implications of such ideology reach far beyond any question of Aristide. Invade in 1994 to restore order to the “failing-state’s” democracy? No problem. Fund violent opposition groups in 2000 to execute the 2004 coup d’état? Nature dictates we must. Kidnap the democratically-elected president and banish him into exile on a US Air Force plane while claiming to have “saved” him from the political violence? The universe begs of us. Occupy the country with Marines after the earthquake? “History” tells us this works. Appoint Clinton as the chief architect for the future of Haiti’s reconstruction? Why not? Silence always is a more effective polemical tool of propaganda than is speech…”

    • Francis Crowley, Ph.D says:

      Most comprehensive, complete and unbiased account and picture of the total scene in Haiti that I’ve read. Thank you.

  2. wallace says:

    Those displaying historical amnesia are attempting to revise historical truth so that fewer people will recognize their consistently predatory policies.

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