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  1. The Bigio mansion on the mountain above PAP was in my view from the tent I slept in for 5 months. I stayed in the tent because we needed to be there to request and receive aid for over 3000 people living there who did not get any food or shelter for many weeks following the earthquake. His family had the ability to help these people who were hungry and sick. In one area over 100 people were crowded under under a 12×12 tarp until we finally got more tents and tarps. We understood that the wealthy people living in the area do not have the will to help even though we had asked for help from some until the UN aid arrived. Most of these families tell us that they ARE “helping” by paying slave wages so that their employees are doomed to live in the slums and never have a way out of poverty. Many of them died in the slums and are still under the rubble. It took many years for me to forgive the total lack of humanity that wealth and greed breeds in this country and the world.

  2. PLou says:

    What a shame. Not a care in the world for the same country that they are residing in; just taking advantage of the very cheap labor, huge power, and ties that they have with their fellow “shark-mates.” This is what you call moun ki pa gen neh– people with no noses, meaning shame. You thrive meanwhile the majority are dying not too far away from your backyard…

  3. Jean Daniel says:

    Until we get these people out of the country we are not going anywhere.

    Tout tan nou pa mete san manman sa yo dehors nan pays a nou pap fe on pa.

    Calling on all brave haitians men and women to get this mofos out of our country

    Nap rele tout pitit fi ak gason Dessalines yo, grenadier a la so an mete moun sa yo dehors nan peyi nou an. Operation KOUPE TET BOULE Kay #2 nou pase trop nan men mechan sa yo.

  4. emass says:

    they Vampire every nation they touch. Until you get rid of a parasite the host will continue to suffer..

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  6. Alan Martel says:

    Thanks !

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