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  1. Martine Sixto says:

    Hello beautiful, thank you so much for recognizing my mom for her helping Haiti. You are a sister to me and Chantal as well, please know that you are in my prayers in your continued fight for the betterment of Haiti. We are proud to have you in our corner, so that we may receive the respect and honor our people deserve. We have not come this far to let America see us sleeping in tents, degraded/humiliated as a nation. I will be praying for our fight to reclaim our honor and respect and richness as a whole. We had it once and we WILL reclaim it again, to God be the glory! Martine

  2. Jean Paul says:

    I, like most Haitians, am so very happy that Titid is back. However, the question is: now what? What can be done to throw back the U.S./U.N. imposed (s)elections? What can be done so that the MINUSTAH soldiers can go home? What can be done so that the NGOs can be drastically cut down and put under the control of a now non-existent Haitian State? What can we do so that the U.S. can reconstitute a new repressive Haitian Army. Titid is back, that is true, but now what are we to do? We must have a plan of positive action or else.

  3. Jean Paul says:

    excuse me, I meant, so that the U.S. CANNOT reconstitute a new repressive Haitian Army

  4. Yusufu L. Mosley says:

    Now, as always, is to bring forth the dawn. The sacrifices of Site Soley, Bel Air, Solino, call to us to continue forward. Janjak, Cecile, Boukman, Dred Wilmè point us towards the rising sun. Therefore, our task is to keep our eyes on the mission and for our life’s purpose, and not fail to serve others or fail to teach. For in that service and those teachings and the work, struggle and institution building this requires, bridges of systematic domination, deprivation, and degradation be crossed, and the liberation and good life we long for and deserve are ultimately and definitely achieved.

    against all odds, we will win!!

  5. PLou says:

    I’m anxious to know what’ll happen now. Will the loyal pèp Ayisyen boycott today’s selections or will it not matter to some cause they still feel entitled to vote? Can’t wait for an update. Hope our people stand up for what’s right and justice is served in the end.

  6. Darb says:


    Aibobo for your spirit of perseverance. It is very interesting to see how Aristide’s return received very little media coverage and attention, as opposed to Duvalier’s return. It’s also interesting to know that Obama made a phone call to South Africa in an attempt to block him. Now, I am not a partisan of anybody, but it is interesting to see that the world hasn’t changed. Likewise. the 1804 revolution received little attention and media coverage from you know who, and Toussaint was kept out by you know who. I am glad to see that the eyes of the Africans are wide open, instead of wide shut by the policies of you know who.

    Aibobo pou ou
    Kenbe la.

    > To: ezilidanto@lists.riseup.net
    From: erzilidanto@yahoo.com
    Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 09:27:50 -0700
    Subject: [ezilidanto] Aristide’s triumphant return to a celebrity welcome (Aljazeera video)

    Ezili Dantò’ Note:
    Aristide’s triumphant return to a celebrity welcome

    (Aljazeera video scroll down to the end, http://bit.ly/giJowf )

    At HLLN we make a point to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, AP and Miami Herald with this Aljazeera video. These mainstream papers especially, with the help of Amy Wilenz and Michael Deibert, have, these last seven years, harped on the lack of popularity of Jean Bertrand Aristide and how he was a criminal. The damage and carnage caused to Haitians by these folks is immeasurable. We circle out of this bunch Jonathan Katz, whose AP articles did not parrot the State Department/USAID propaganda as “news.” Al Jazeera, since it came on the scene after the earthquake with its Haiti correspondent, Sebastian Walker, has led the way for Haiti’s real voice to be heard.

    HLLN is most grateful to Walker, Katz and France 24 for being the first foreign news outlets to videotape the U.N. soldiers who brought cholera to Haiti. They were the first whose work forced powerful forces to acknowledge and believe the accusations made by the people of Mirebalais and who went there to film the Nepalese base oozing its cholera-stained feces into Haiti’s waterways.

    This Al Jazeera video also tells a story you won’t read in the mainstream. It shows the reason why President Aristide is beloved by the poor majority in Haiti. He’s not AFRAID of his own people. He knows who they are, their hearts of hearts.

    They would not scale the walls of the National Palace or of any of the current presidential candidates’ residences to hear them speak. No. Only for Aristide. The day of the return, 5,000 to 10,000 Haitians scaled the walls of Aristide’s residence, while tens of thousands more gathered around outside, yearning to see and hear him speak to them and for them to the world as he did at the airport.

    When Aristide did not come out, they eventually quietly left. This is the reality the U.S., U.N., France, Canada, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama did not want you to see: the discipline and peacefulness of the people of Haiti when they are not being attacked and forced to defend themselves by the coup d’etat enforcers and their U.N./U.S. tanks and guns.

    We post this video of the return for the mainstream media mentioned herein, for the New York Times especially, which wrote during the bicentennial that Aristide could command only a “small crowd.” Explain, New York Times, how seven years later this scene could happen?

    It’s very telling how little mainstream media coverage and attention there is to Aristide’s return and the huge celebrity welcome he received from the people of Haiti. In contrast to the almost complete news blackout about Aristide’s force and power in Haiti, the bloody dictator, Baby Doc Duvalier, got much coverage and massive print and spin, misleading readers to think Haiti’s poor majority want bygones to be bygones because they’re “too young and don’t remember Duvalier’s atrocities”!

    It’s also telling to know that the presidents of the U.S. and France and the secretary general of the U.N. made phone calls to South Africa in an attempt to block Aristide’s return to Haiti, despite the welcome you see and that they knew he would receive. In contrast, France allowed bloody dictator, Baby Doc Duvalier, to return to Haiti without any problems. Obama and Ban Ki-moon made no phone calls to stop it. In fact, the U.N. provided security for the brutal Duvalier from the airport to his luxurious Haiti hotel.

    You will see in the video, the U.N. soldiers are nowhere visible on the trip home from the airport with Haiti’s first democratically elected president! These powerful but brutally warmongering forces are only exposing their own indefensibility as representatives of civilized peoples of the world. The world’s eyes are wide open.

    Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

  7. Maud Jean-Michel says:

    I have no words to describe my contentment. Against all odds, our beloved Titide has returned home. Right now, we are in ecstacy, however, I want to tell the Haitian people that, they need to be vigilant; the neocolonialism is revenchist and its lackey won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to make the Haitian people pay for their conviction, stubbornness, most of all, their refusal to live under the dominance of the imperialism. Once again, the Haitians have shown to the world that they know what they want and no superpower would dictate them otherwise. Thank you so much,Zil, my dear sister for being a Marie-Jeanne of the modern time.

  8. Comment pouvons nous expliquer la victoire aujourd’hui de Michel Martelly, comment le peuple a pu vote ce matin 90% pour Repons Payzan ou Michel Martelly qui leur a vexe hier au sujet de leur maman et de celle d”Aristide et durant les elections, ce peuple a ete aux urnes pour voter Martelly. Ecoutez les resultats sur Signal FM Manigat a seulement un 15% des votes et Martelly 85%. Comment Aristide vat’il pouvoir fonctionner dans un scenario Martelly President.

  9. Padiowei Nemizigha says:

    To our Ancestors and our Deities I bring my libation of wine and food for Aristide’s safe return to Ayiti – his earth. My knees will never kneel to a european conception of a supreme Deity they call God/jeus. I kneel only to our Ancestors and Deities, including the Supreme One; and to THEM I kneel and pray and praise for this and all other days. Beautiful one Ezili the blessings on our Ancestors, our Deities and of the Supreme are with you.
    May all black people be blessed, who feel there are enough Sankofa-resources in the Ancestral reservoir of Mackandal, Boukman, General Dessalines, Toussaint, and others known and unknown. And may all who have labored against incredible demonic odds for the manifestation of Aristide’s return be blessed by our Deities and Ancestors. I continue to fight, kneel and provide libation (food and wine) to our Ancestors and Deities.


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