One Response to “Ask Obama and Sec. Napolitano to STOP all deportations to earthquake and cholera-ravaged Haiti”

  1. Jack Heart says:

    I sent this to;
    Although I support the strongest borders possible for the United States of America I cannot and will never condone sending people back to a hellhole like Haiti has become. Please cease and desist with this farcical exercise of your powers and concentrate on the real problem which I am sure you are well aware of is our southern border. Drugs, untaxed laborers taking Americans jobs and overwhelming her social services, anchor baby’s, and people so contemptuous that they refuse to even learn our language and are only here to make enough money to send back over that border so they can live like kings. Why are you wasting your resources tracking down people who have no choice but to be here or die like a starving diseased dog in the filthy streets of Port Au Prince, which was even before the disastrous earthquake a creation of Bill Clinton and NAFTA. If you do not believe that perhaps you should read it in Clintons own words here is the link:
    Have you seen the faces of the children smeared with the fecal water the red cross has given them to drink? Where are the hundreds of millions Americans generously sent Michelle Obama to aid these stricken people? A field biologist would not release an animal they were studying in an environment like Port Au Prince. The only humanitarian thing to do is to transplant them to a place where they will have a chance and as Americans we must do what is humanitarian so if they cannot go anywhere else we must let them stay here. Please abandon this simplistic demonstration of political correctness and concentrate on sealing our borders against the ongoing invasion from Mexico and stop bullying hapless refuges.

    Yours truly and with all respect

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