2 Responses to “Avatar Haiti, part two interview with Ezili Danto of HLLN”

  1. Yusufu L. Mosley says:

    Our task, our fundamental task, is to create a basis, bulwark and beacon of life that honors our past, effectively engages our present and frames and fosters a future worthy of the name and history African. Self determination, decisive participation in the reconstruction of our beloved Ayiti, and the restoration of democracy are the keys towards the dawn. STEP-BY-STEP, NOTHING LESS THAN LIBERATION!!

  2. Yusufu L. Mosley says:

    By basis I mean a solid moral, material and rational ground for a good life, rooted in our culture, on which to stand, grow and continuously grasp for the good, great and eternal.

    By bulwark I mean a self-conscious capacity and social force of our people themselves, to pursue our goals and produce and protect our gains and pass them on to future generations to guard and expand.

    By beacon I mean that in waging this struggle and building this life, we “lift up the light that lasts,” those spiritual and ethical principles that speak to and reflect the best of what it means to be African and human and serve as an indispensable source of positioning, plotting course and pushing forward….


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