11 Responses to “Obama’s change in Haiti: the Return of Dictator, Jean Claude Duvalier”

  1. Sekou says:

    My Sister, this is very important news and I will spread this around the world in 2 minutes. All that i can say is “THANKS….” Your article support my position that neo-colonialism is always transitional back to “colonialism.” All that I can say is THANKS my Sister
    Sekou Osei

  2. Yusufu L. Mosley says:

    The people of Ayiti, of Africa all over the world should come together in one voice and DEMAND that this servant of the empire be captured, imprisoned and brought to justice. He, along with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, all the NGOs and all the others with the titles of master and/or proprietor be driven from our home and sent sent swimming their respective nations.
    WE Retake Our Freedom!! Beginning here this criminal.
    Freedom or Death!!

  3. Ezili Dantò says:

    Thanks Sekou. Can’t put anything past these vampires.

    Fact is, it’s intended for Haiti to get worse. The “Friends of Haiti” thrive on creating chaos, shock and awe, division and death. What’s this terribly sick international move to hurt Haiti about?

    Here’s one scenario, probably it’s not the worse these “Friends of Haiti” have in store for us, but presumably, the scenario for this civil conflict maybe- jail or execution. What else can Haitians do with Jean Claude Duvalier? Then, of course, that opens the door for the same for the “other.” The annoying thorn the U.S.- Euros really want to eliminate from Haiti’s memory – the twice deposed Constitutionally elected, Jean Bertrand Aristide with still the most popular political party in Haiti that’s been disenfranchised since Bush’s 2004 Haiti regime change. If he’s returned and jailed or executed, than it’s just what those Haitians do to each other! US, UN, France, Canada, uhmm, are just innocent bystanders. You know, the peacekeepers, the human rights standard bearers! Stay tuned…

    • Sekou says:

      My Sister.
      This is why I send your work all over the world and I think that to understand much we must understand the American role in “Duvalierism” and the US need for cheap sweat shops and their need for totalitarism.
      I think at some point in the near future we have to understand the genesis of Duvalierism and its contradictions and genesis within the country, and we have to talk about Estime and Magloire to understand Duvalierism and “Papa and “Baby Doc” Duvalier.
      One of the reasons for the return for “Baby Doc” is to have access to some six million dollars, if he beats the charges to a Swiss court.
      However, one of the vehicles for the genesis for this to take place is the disarming of the people theoretically and ideologically by the “liberal” activist, who argue to cut deals with the powers that oppress the Haiti people for cheap sweat shops as a way to cut down “unemployment.”
      They emote all kinds of sentiment of affection for the people of Haiti, but, they have no affection for “fight back and resistance.” For they are just loquacious coward seeking a comfortable seat at the table of the former slave master.
      For all history is a weapon, thus we must grasp it and swing for the head…..

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  5. Pierre F. Lherisson says:

    Lets hope that the axis of evil use his return as a face saving to facilitated the return of Jean Bertrand Aristide. Duvalier should be placed under house arrest because he went to exile with $800,000,000 from the Haitian coffer; he spent most of the money now he is penniless.

  6. Mark says:

    Why the Haitian don’t forget about all the pass and just remember about the future? I really sure the Duvalier don’t cameback for dictatuere is that he just comeback to help. please understand it Haiti need him. Preval don’t doing anything for Haiti, hi just tried to keep all the money for himself. please Duvalier can rebirth Haiti. What Preval do for the earthquake? and what he do for Cholera? the Haitian need Duvalier.


    • Jean says:

      I agree with you 100% lets forget the past, but it’s time to give the international community a slap on their face by showing them we know what’s good for our country, yet it’s them whom stick their nose in our business too far that is why Haiti is like that. They brought him back to justice because they hear President Titide is plaining to come back to Haiti. They are trying to scare him if he comes back they will take to him to justice. They are using Baby Doc return to do politic. The UN guards who pollute the water in Artibonite, those who finance the rebels in 2004, why don’t they bring them to justice. I hope one day all the Haitian politician come back home we need them.

  7. Jack Heart says:

    The comment above mine indicates the type of slave mentality that permeates 95% of the populations everywhere from Haiti to America and on to China and Indonesia. Jean Claude Duvalier will be accepted with open arms by the sheep and hailed as a savior. It is left to the 5% who were born to rule to wage a relentless Holy War upon the globalists pigs and give the helots a kinder and more gentle master. Most of us will not survive this to ever see our victory but those that do should take time out from dancing on the graves of the cabbage merchants (the current rulers of the earth are suitable only for bartering over the price of cabbages in the market place) and contemplate just why the helots must never be allowed to vote on any issue affecting the fate of the earths people again. Democracy was the great lie spread by the mercantile class’s of seventeenth century France that brought us now to this place we are at. We are standing in the fields of Armageddon. Let the show begin!

  8. Little difference between Saddam Hussein with his sons and Papa Doc and his son. Be sure that some right-wing faction inside the U.S. government assisted in the dictator’s return, whether Obamagang knew anything about it or not.

  9. Yusufu L. Mosley says:

    Remember this…………..Those who fail to remember will repeat…….

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