2 Responses to “Haiti: Political fallacy that Aristide is like the Duvaliers serves U.S., NGO, foreign & Haiti Oligarchy interests”

  1. st says:

    See these two studies which clearly show how OAS achieved their “election results” and spread the links – with such evidence they can’t go on if it get’s public (enough):

    “Haiti’s Fatally Flawed Election”
    Jake Johnston, Mark Weisbrot

    Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), Washington, United States


    The PDF directly:


    “Analysis of the OAS Mission’s Draft Report on Haiti’s Election
    January 2011, Mark Weisbrot and Jake Johnston

    This issue brief […] finds the OAS Mission’s report to be methodologically and statistically flawed, and its conclusions to be arbitrary. The brief notes that over 1,300 tally sheets, or about six times the amount thrown out by the OAS, were missing or quarantined; and that these tally sheets would very likely have given a different result from that of the OAS mission. Also, the OAS Mission’s report is based on an analysis of just 919 vote tally sheets – without any reported statistical inference — whereas CEPR counted and analyzed all 11,181 tally sheets from the first round of elections.”


    Duvaliers stolen money:
    Swiss USB will probably release $5.7Mio stolen Duvalier money after 02/01/2011 to some “charity organization” in Haiti. It should go to the Haitian gouvernment directly instead!


    The wikileaks cables concerning Haiti:

  2. Jack Heart says:

    When George Herbert Walker Bush disposed of Noriega as a business partner by sacking Panama much ado was made about Noriega’s “Voodoo” practices. What the tightly controlled media failed to tell you is that Noriega was just a neophyte compared to the boss’s wife Barbara Pierce Bush or should I say Barbara Crowley Bush illegitimate daughter of the master Aleister Crowley, a woman who kept her dead baby in a jar for Juju. The same belief system is shared throughout the earths hidden corridors of power. It may take different ethnic forms like Santeria for Hispanics, Voodoo for blacks, and Magick for Caucasians but none of them are indulging with Marx’s opiate for the people or for that matter the monkey sciences that National Geographic feeds the pseudo intellectuals. Aristide was run out of Haiti. Duvalier walked out, slowly, under his own power and luging the nations treasury with him. What does that tell you about Duvalier’s stature among the elite not just in Haiti but throughout the western world and I am guessing with Dubya himself. I do not have to tell you that the kings and queens of the earth have cast covetous eyes upon Haiti. Who exactly do you think stands a better chance of negotiating with them a local politician or a high priest? Sometimes it is better to have comrades in hell than ally’s in heaven.

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